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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Something Bothering me

I grew up in Naija and only moved here after college. I remember getting a fever every now and then (the mosquitoes were not joking o, they had 36 teeth and went to the gym), okay, maybe I'm exaggerating but one of the most common ailments in Naija is the Malaria fever, caused by the bites of these oh so lovely creatures(infected mosquitoes)....oops!!! Back to my point, I would be taken by my ever so caring parents to the hospital to get a shot- now, giving me the shot required my dad giving me the mean side eye and my mum singing songs of praise to convince me to turn around so the scary looking nurse could stab me in the butt, I kid you not, I could wrestle a gorilla to avoid a shot but back to the topic. After getting the shot(s) and the medication rxed by the doctor, I was back to my perfect bill of health ,well, till those pesky mosquitoes struck again, typically after about a year.
Now, why am I boring you with this bit of ancient history? I have noticed that every time I don't feel well and go to see the doctor or get some OTC medication here in the land of milk and honey, the medications help treat(mask) the symptom, never the root cause. If you doubt this, look at most of you rx bottles or the ads on TV, they almost, ALWAYS say, "oh we treat the symptoms" never the cause. This really concerns me, why do we have to live with ailments and be dependent on medications that only mask the symptoms of the ailment and subsequently our physicians? Why can't the problem be fixed once and for all. I thought living in a developed country would mean even better healthcare but boy, was I wrong.
 Say, what country do you think offers the best and most effective healthcare?

Dr Oz seems to agree:

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