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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday best vs AIA

Happy new year dear people of cyberspace. A long over due post eh? oh, I almost forgot! Happy Easter as well. So let me get right to it. I went to mass today(Side note, I love my church so much, it's a multicultural catholic church). I like to sit in the very back not just at church but any where I go. So as I was watching people coming in for mass, you know church is always very full on Easter Sunday nau., I saw different beautiful, brightly colored dresses and all the pretty ladies and very dapper gents coming in then someone caught my eye, a lady in the tightest, shiniest, leggings walked right past me to find a seat and I found myself immediately asking my self why in the world she would wear such an outfit to church and almost immediately, I was ashamed of myself for judging her and really didn't know what to think. So, please analyze this  with me would you, do you think it's ideal to wear your Sunday best on Sundays and your skimpiest of the skimpy outfits Mon- Sat or do you think as I am Sun- Sat (AIA- dressing the same way you dress on a regular day to church) is the way to go?
On the one hand, people say you would dress up out of respect for your boss to go to work or to be the winning candidate at a job interview so why not for the biggest,baddest boss of them all right? Well, not so fast, he sees us everyday, Sun-Sat and knows not only what you wear but what we've been up to on Friday/Saturday night(cough) so who are we kidding right? What do you think?

The foxy one.