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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Oklahoma Blues

Hey there people,how have you been? So I thought the part of Florida I used to live in was the most boring, depressing place one could ever venture into. It was even on the list of yahoo's most depressing places to live but boy was I wrong. I just moved to Oklahoma about two weeks ago and I'm about ready to gouge my eyes out with a teaspoon. It is the worst place to live I kid you not. Have you ever lived in a place in the great US of A where most businesses are closed on the weekend? where it is a special occasion to see someone with brown skin? Oh speaking of which, please permit me to digress not totally off topic. Now I'm not trying to start anything but it is a fact that there are some kind of jobs that you expect a black brother or sister to be doing.. I repeat I ain't trying to start nothing but if you want to be honest with yourself you would agree with me when I say certain jobs are reserved for brother and sisters in the US of A and this 'law' holds true in every city/town I've been to but I think I'm drifting too far off topic, so here I was going through the McDonald's drive through to get my breakfast on a cold Friday morning and hmm, that's odd, not a single brother or sister in sight but I brushed it off, got my # 4(lol) and went to work.(PS: I don't always eat McDonald's o, these were extenuating circumstances as I had just moved and my kitchen utensils were still AWOL) now that we've cleared that up, so I went there on Saturday again and went in this time and what did I see? It was like dropping a chocolate chip in a glass of milk, and if you were wondering, yes I was the chocolate chip. The whole Mickey D's crew was Hispanic and the customers? Let's just say they were extremely nice because my coming in helped them say they had a diverse clientele.

     I moved here to train for six months after which they will post me else where to be an assistant manager. It's a wonderful opportunity and I'm grateful for it but I can't wait to be done with training so I can move elsewhere and I'm starting a novena for it to be many states away from here cos this place right here? wow!!!

     So there you have it folks, if you were planning on ever visiting or moving here, you may want to re-think that or erase the thought all together. I repeat, ladies and gents, we have a winner here. Even if your job offers you a padded bank account and a mansion on a hill here run like hell or you will be moving to hell.

Yours Truly,
The foxy one :)