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Saturday, January 14, 2012

When you feel low

How do you cope when you're low and you don't have any family members that live on the same continent as you? Well you could call your family but what if you need some face to face conversation and not too distant shoulder to cry on? A long distance call or two just won't do then would they? Well you could drop by your friend with sturdy shoulders place and pour your heart out but what if you don't have any such friends huh? What do you do then? Make a call to a random call center and confide in a CSR who wants to come through the line and strangle you? Call your shrink? Drown your sorrows with a couple of shots, at least while the effect lasts?

Different people deal with the blues in different ways; when I've got the hump, I go back to my childhood and the things that made my childhood my safe haven and happy place be it foods I loved as a kid( Mostly candy),  Novels like: "Chike and the river"  and many wonderful books I read in primary school and Secondary School (Enid Blyton Novels and Some Famous five mystery would be lovely but these are out of my reach right now) , Movies like "Sound of Music" and "My fair lady" make me smile and even cry ( but trust me I feel better afterwards) but nothing takes me back to my childhood like Sesame Street. Now I don't mean the new whack episodes where the Count is a pimp and cookie monster is a gangster (I'm serious, I saw Mr. Cookie rap in one episode and I kid you not), no, I mean the old school episodes with the good stuff that gave you your first shot/dose of common sense. I leave you with some clips of the Sesame street I grew up on; a piece of my childhood .I hope it brings back some wonderful memories or makes a new fan of you depending on when you were born )

Enjoy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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