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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Case of the Ex

Wow!!!! Helllllooooooo!!!!!!I can't believe I started this blog but never posted anything.....but have no fear amigos.... I'm here now :).

My first post goes thus: Say you are dating this guy, nice guy you met in school, he is really nice to you and very well behaved :) but you know there has to be a problem or 2 right?He has this Ex girlfriend, she has moved to another country but somehow,he has her number and calls her from time to time (never in your presence because he knows you don't like it) but lets you know they are in contact and anytime the topic comes up he can tell you what is going on in her life. He says she is a friend for life because they went through their hardest times in America together.He also assures you that they don't have any feelings for each other as when they dated each other she made it clear she had someone waiting for her back in her home country. But each time he brings her up I get upset(cos I'm jealous like that) and he tells me he is in love with me but is in contact with her because of how she helped him when he was struggling in this far away country.Now people,I'm a very considerate person and I'm all for having friends but am I crazy to be upset that he is keeping in touch with an Ex in another country?Shouldn't he be more concerned about how I feel than how his Ex 'friend' would feel if he stopped calling?and get this,he even sends her money saying, "oh she's broke and I was just trying to help as she has no one else". Brothers and Sisters,this is a lady back in her home country with her boyfriend she has a baby with.The lady in question hopes to return to the US someday and I have this weird feeling that is why he is keeping in touch (just in case).So my questions are these: (1)Would you keep in touch with an Ex even if it displeased the person you are now with? (2) How would you feel if your object of affection did thesame? (3) Am I just a crazy,jealous,inconsiderate b**ch?

Have a good evening darlings.................................Please respond and help a sister out.Gracias!!!Msugh!!!Thanks!!!!!