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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dirty ole Men

Hi there lovely people of cyberspace,how do you do?

 So I was taking in walk in the park, trying to clear my head in light of the string of disappointments that have being coming my way for the past 2 months where out of no where 'Methuselah' says:

Methselah:" Hey baby, taking a walk."
Me: "Yes, lovely weather; also clearing my head."

So Methuselah proceeds to tell me howmany miles he walks a day, lists the healthy foods he eats(he fumbles through this part as he can't remember what healthy foods he eats) and then he proceeds to ask me if I was married. After picking up my lower lip from the floor I told him no, to which he responded, o your husband is going to be such a lucky man to which I promptly responded, "Thanks". Then Methuselah proceeds to tell me where he lives to which I respond, "Thanks for the information."
 He goes on to ask where I live to which I respond, "Around", he tells me he lives with his niece and that he has been divorced for 5 years ( he was still wearing a wedding band by the way and did I mention he was Methuselah?) and that he loved to wine and dine his 'ladies', make them breakfast in bed (who's bed I wonder?) and take them out. In my mind I was like, so you do what any man in a healthy relationship does? (applause) At this point, I wanted to tell the old casanova to get lost but I politely said,  I had to get going, to which he responded, "So, when do I see you again?", in my mind(errr, never,ever,ever,ever........) to him "oh, I'm always at this park (It was my first and last time at that park btw) to which he responded, "Ok , see you tomorrow then 'baby'", I smiled sweetly and said to my self, you got the baby part right, you're old enough to father my father.
So there you have it folks, my question is this though, do the dirty ole men ever change?

Later loves!!!


Olumayowa Tijani-Eniola said...

I guess it has to do with the fact that they are in the twilight of their reproductive life and just want to get it all out their before time runs out.. i might be wrong though. #prays silently....God pls don't let me be a dirty ole man when I

Jane Doe said...

Thanks for the comment Olumayowa,I hope you don't end up a dirty ole man either,lolz!!!!!!