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Monday, October 29, 2012

Proud sista

So my big bro is getting married in december. I can't wait, he is the sweetest dude on the planet. Now I'm not saying this because he is my big bro,I have two big bros and they are both outstanding young men(yels, I brag, I brag,lol), but I digress. I actually honestly and absolutely envy their wives because I swear to you that if they were not my brothers, I would have fought any and every woman on earth to marry one of them (No incesto,lol, just facts) and no, it's not the sister thing, their ladies can attest to this. I am so happy for these ladies though because both my brothers are with ladies who truely appreciate them and would do anything for them,now what could be better right? I'll tell you what , my sisters and I finding equally outstanding dudes to marry and I must say, so far, we aint having that much luck. It's more difficult than that eye of the needle and camel thing I tell you. I know my parents are not the only great parents on earth so why o why is it so hard to find a young man of integrity, who is easy on the eyes and quite ambitious and focused ? Is it too much to ask? It's not like I'm asking for a guy who looks like Will Smith(with out the big ears), stylish like Pharrell , funny like Chris Rock, swaggified like Lenny Kravitz, rich like Bill, who cooks like Govind Armstrong and can serenade me like Usher, though now that I think of it, it would be nice, real nice...So why lord? Why? Please let me know o  and yes I am taking applications(I joke,I joke...not).

The foxy one.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

When it Rains, it Floods

Hey there lovely people of cyberspace,hope you are having a great weekend? Mine couldn't be better, I mean what's better than getting solid proof that the man or woman upstairs truly despises you? I have had such a crappy,crappy year. I unfortunately cannot go into the details of this crappiness but I can however say that even strangers have treated me better than some people who claimed to love me at the most trying time in my life. How convenient right? and some of these people still think I should be the one to apologize. I am almost at the point where I have no will to live and the only thing that keeps me going is my o so lovely parents, how would I get through anything without them?
People, if you have been ignoring family members(especially if the live on a different continent), I urge you to re-evaluate your priorities because, when those trying times come, the people you have on speed dial will be the first to bolt and the ones whose numbers you have forgotten are the very ones who might be willing to lift you up.
I have had such a crappy year. One of the things that made this year crappy was the fact that my grandma was in really bad health. Now this is a lady who had all her teeth intact, no diabetes, no high blood pressure or all the ailments that are associated with being old but she had this terrible cough all her life and this year, I guess her lungs could no longer take it but I lost 'Mama', my only surviving grandparent on 10/18/2012. Now she wasn't that old, no in fact, she was just about 10 years older than my father(they married really young in their day) but she look so old, life had dealt her such a 'dirty' hand you see, she had buried 10 of her kid before she died and here's the icing on the cake, she was accused of having a hand in their deaths and asked to stay away from my village.
When will such things stop happening in Nigeria though? and when will my misfortunes come to a halt? These are the greatest mysteries of them all.
I hope you lovelies have a greater week ahead than you did last week cos I sure do need a better week desperately.

RIP Mama!!!!
The foxy one.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dirty ole Men

Hi there lovely people of cyberspace,how do you do?

 So I was taking in walk in the park, trying to clear my head in light of the string of disappointments that have being coming my way for the past 2 months where out of no where 'Methuselah' says:

Methselah:" Hey baby, taking a walk."
Me: "Yes, lovely weather; also clearing my head."

So Methuselah proceeds to tell me howmany miles he walks a day, lists the healthy foods he eats(he fumbles through this part as he can't remember what healthy foods he eats) and then he proceeds to ask me if I was married. After picking up my lower lip from the floor I told him no, to which he responded, o your husband is going to be such a lucky man to which I promptly responded, "Thanks". Then Methuselah proceeds to tell me where he lives to which I respond, "Thanks for the information."
 He goes on to ask where I live to which I respond, "Around", he tells me he lives with his niece and that he has been divorced for 5 years ( he was still wearing a wedding band by the way and did I mention he was Methuselah?) and that he loved to wine and dine his 'ladies', make them breakfast in bed (who's bed I wonder?) and take them out. In my mind I was like, so you do what any man in a healthy relationship does? (applause) At this point, I wanted to tell the old casanova to get lost but I politely said,  I had to get going, to which he responded, "So, when do I see you again?", in my mind(errr, never,ever,ever,ever........) to him "oh, I'm always at this park (It was my first and last time at that park btw) to which he responded, "Ok , see you tomorrow then 'baby'", I smiled sweetly and said to my self, you got the baby part right, you're old enough to father my father.
So there you have it folks, my question is this though, do the dirty ole men ever change?

Later loves!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Hi there lovely people of cyberspace,
How have you been? Well, my life sucks big time right now. Let me ask you this would you rather people suprise you after saying they would not be able to do something than promise you the world only to disappoint you over and over again and then expect you to understand. I think even in the bible has an example where a man's two sons were asked to work in the vineyard? sorry my memory is a bit foggy but I digress.
So I decided to move to another state and had all these people offer me jobs as soon as I moved and a temporary place to crash, I made my move and guess what? All of them are no where to be found,luckily, I am one to always prepare for the worst but it still hurts like hell as these were people I held in such high esteem but life goes on right? I've learned from my mistakes and am looking forward, not backwards. I'm still yet to get a job but I have heard from a couple of recruiters and see an offer on the horizon or there about. I hope everyone is having a great week? Cheers :)