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Monday, September 28, 2015

La Fin

La Fin 😊.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Ten Naira Bread

Hey there lovies!!! Have you given your parents their 'ten naira bread' today. I know you're asking yourself what this crazzzzzyyyyyy woman is talking about yeah? Well, thankfully I'm willing to  elaborate. You see, as a teenager, I was told I was extra antisocial and extremely rude/Stubborn. I really don't know what 'they' are on about because I think I was one of the nicest, easiest teens ever but what do I know :) ?
So, anyway, I was in SS. 2 at the time I believe and had the greatest fortune of meeting a young corper, a lady, I'll call her 'N' to protect the innocent but mostly because her name starts with an 'N'. N was sent to serve at my school as an English teacher. She stayed at the girls dormitory and acted as the Matron(God, I hate that word) when the actual matron was busy. Well, as soon as I saw her, I'd decided I didn't like her as she took her 'proxy' matronly duties a little too far. The 'real' matron would do a headcount at lights occasionally and that was it but miss proxy was trying to enforce all the rules. As teenagers, you know most of us hated her overzealous butt and were like, "God, I have to spend an entire year with this?" So, you know I avoided her like a plague and tried my best to be verrrrryyyy distant when I said my,"Good Mornings" , made sure I didn't laugh when she cracked her jokes. You know the rebel life nau? ehen.... So one day, she decided to punish us for something or the other and was giving her sermon. Of course I had the blank stare into oblivion with my signature "Are you done?" mouth twist. Then came the life changing moment for me. She said, " You guys think you are the first teenagers on earth? I've been there and done that!!!". I gave her the side eye and in my mind asked,"ehn, really? how many centuries ago?", lol!! I was evil :) but anyhoo, she went on, "I was so rude, in fact, I was such a terror to my parents and thought I'd have them forever but my dear, at the time I had the worst relationship with my parents, God took both of them from me." Yes foxlettes, her parents were going on a trip, she had just had a row with them and hoped they would stay longer than expected on their trip and guess what? She got more than she had wished for, they never came back. They were killed in a car crash. She said, "I never knew their value till they were taken from me and I had to be raised by my so called relatives." Said relatives took all their parents belongings as she was but a teenager and the eldest of the brood and couldn't stop them and that my friends was when she understood what her parents were worth and in conclusion said, "If I'd known, I would have bought them ten naira bread everyday that I had them since that was all I could afford but at least my widows mite would show them how much I cared for no matter how much I screamed at their funeral, they could not hear me." People, at that very moment, my heart skipped a beat, I thought about my parents and imagined what it would be like to lose them. My heart started beating very fast and all of a sudden, my very hardened, teenage heart melted. She didn't seem very evil anymore, in fact, I wanted to get up, run to her and give her a hug,for my people...this moment changed my life. That weekend, I escaped home from school(story for another day.. one of my many talents was escaping home for the weekend and my parents were my accomplices' :) ) and went home for the weekend and of course my parents were shocked to see me(first time...I secretly think they were thinking, "has she  been expelled for being rude?", lol!!!) I told them everybody did it(almost) and I just felt home sick and they were like, "awwww".
So why did I spend some of my life's minutes typing up this epistle? Well, wanted to ask if you'd been giving your parents their ten naira bread of course. I see them as our earthly creators and representatives of THE creator here on earth.  If you haven't started, you're in luck, it's not too late. We don't have them forever so, drink of them as much you can while you have them, absorb their wisdom, visit them, call them as often as you can. When you can afford to, buy them something.. It doesn't have to be something big (hence the ten naira bread), just a little something to show them you care for one day they'll be no more but we'd know that at least, while they were here, they knew they were appreciated.

The foxy one signing out, that's as much as I can take right now... anymore and I'd be bawling my eyes out. Shout out to 'N' for changing my life, I hope we meet again... one day soon so I can tell you how you changed me.

Later loves!!!!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Wait it's been a year already?

Come on now, it's been a year since I posted on this blog? Yikes!!!!! can you say slacker? Okay, okay, I'll try my best to post every week but don't hold me to it, I said that to myself exactly one year ago. So I guess happy new year, happy Easter are in order? hmm? but wait o, SA, what's up with you guys? You guys feel you don't need foreigners in your country? Then why are you guys in other people's countries too. Not to brag but the fact is  Nigeria is the most populous African nation and the likes of MTN, Shoprite et all need the Nigerian population and market to thrive. You don't think so, alrighty then, why did they not just stay in SA and how would you feel if Nigerians or all other African nations rounded up all the South Africans and started beating, burning, maiming them indiscriminately to the cheers of bloodthirsty spectators? The great Madiba must be rolling in his grave. The truth of the matter in my opinion is these xenophobic attacks are being misdirected. SA feel like they have been oppressed and discriminated against by a certain group of migrants that had come to their country and up till this day mistreat them but what do they do instead of directing their anger towards the offenders, hmm? I'll tell you what ? they turn against other Africans trying to make an honest living in South Africa and start 'venting' while the police and the president fold their arms and ask Nigerians to leave till things settle down? Are you kidding me? Where do we find some of these weak African leaders? If you are the head of a nation and you can't control your people then you should not wear the crown, simple as that and this is not exclusive to SA. Any leader who cannot lead his/her 'sheep' should NOT be in office and I think it would be really nice if EVERY foreigner in SA left so they don't have any body else to blame for their misfortunes and maybe, they would be able to see that their issues lie within them and existed longggggggggg before people started migrating to SA. It would also be a great idea if every African nation boycotts SA businesses for a year. It'd be nice to see how the mighty island of SA can thrive doing business just amongst themselves. Come to think of it, it would create opportunities for local entrepreneurs to emerge and be successful..... I'm done.

The foxy one