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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Hi there lovely people of cyberspace,
How have you been? Well, my life sucks big time right now. Let me ask you this would you rather people suprise you after saying they would not be able to do something than promise you the world only to disappoint you over and over again and then expect you to understand. I think even in the bible has an example where a man's two sons were asked to work in the vineyard? sorry my memory is a bit foggy but I digress.
So I decided to move to another state and had all these people offer me jobs as soon as I moved and a temporary place to crash, I made my move and guess what? All of them are no where to be found,luckily, I am one to always prepare for the worst but it still hurts like hell as these were people I held in such high esteem but life goes on right? I've learned from my mistakes and am looking forward, not backwards. I'm still yet to get a job but I have heard from a couple of recruiters and see an offer on the horizon or there about. I hope everyone is having a great week? Cheers :)

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